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19350, Knjaževac

Karadjordjeva 15 str.

Figurine, eneolithic

1987, site Škodrino polje, anthropomorphic figurine

Anthropomorphic figurine made of clay, rough texture, massive head and summarily treated face, accentuated chest.


2007, Knjazevac / Part of the folk costume

Women’s vest, made of red cotton cloth. It is sewn from three fields. He has a heart-shaped neckline on his chest. Around the sleeves, around the neck, across the chest and along the lower edge, there is a sewn-on silver ribbon. Vest is worn mostly in summer and in warmer weather, sometimes in winter. Early 20th century.


1974, Debelica / Part of the folk costume

The vest is made of blue velvet. It was worn by girls and younger women on more solemn occasions. Late 19th century.