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19350, Knjaževac

Karadjordjeva 15 str.

A plate


    1983, Ravna / Food Serving Bowl

    Pottery serving dish. Decorated with yellow and green carvings and glaze. The work of Velimir Djordjevic, a potter. Mid 20th century.



      In 1975, she received a gift from the Elementary School in Kalna / Women’s Bracelet

      The bracelet is of the semi-open type. It is made from bronze, using casting technique. Towards the ends, it is decorated with protrusions in the form of rosettes. Craft, goldsmith’s work. They were widespread in the wider area of ​​southern and eastern Serbia. Late 19th century.



        In 1980, received as a gift from Hristina Mančić, Knjaževc / Decorative hair needle

        An “head” – an eight-pointed star – is attached to a long double needle. The arms of the star are decorated alternately with “shots” in a filigree frame and rosettes. The central part is the blue “stone”. The needle in the shape of blossoming branches, made of silver or gold, was worn next to the ring, along with the baresh and tepeluk. At the wedding, the brides wore a bridal veil and a wreath next to the tepeluk. Late 19th century.



          1988, Knjazevac / Women’s bracelet

          A women’s bracelet made from combined materials. Late 19th century

          Belt with buckle


            1980, Knjazevac / Women’s belt

            A women’s belt made from homemade black fabric. It is decorated with beads and sequins. It is fastened with buckles – brass buttons. Late 19th century.

            Wooden spoon


              1988, Balta Berilovac / Flour spoon

              Wooden flour spoon. It has a hook on the end of the handle. Late 19th century.